ZigurArt is a newly established Italian company that has chosen design, quality and creativity as its distinguishing features.
Our brand aims to the evolution from a mere minimalism towards a more contemporary essentiality through the decoration of spaces where the materials used are chosen from our wide variety of textures and colours as well as shapes and sizes – from the tiny 10x10 mm to the large 1200x1200 mm.

“Feel at home”, thanks to its rigorous geometries and minimal atmospheres, expresses a new concept of elegance well represented by our innovative collections of ceramic tiles, through bodied stoneware tiles and glass mosaic, created and developed to decorate the surfaces of all residential spaces from kitchen to living room, bathroom and bedroom.
“Think Big” is entirely dedicated to the world of projects, inner and external architecture and commercial spaces as well, for which high performance products like our hi-tech full bodied porcelain slabs are needed. Their modular sizes, optical textures and patterns enable the interaction between objects and the surrounding space.

In 2008 ZigurArt became part of Ceramiche Grazia S.p.A., formed in 1970, a company that has set itself apart from other ceramic tile manufacturers by giving preference to the handicraft aspect of production rather than to large scale quantities.

ZigurArt mission is to offer the market technological hi-tech products combined with the Italian contemporary style and design.

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